Friday, September 13, 2013

My 10 year anniversary is coming up next year!

Guess what? I'm so excited. I just realized yesterday that my ten year anniversary is coming up next year. That's right! Call Me Cordelia is celebrating ten years on the internet. I started that website when I was fifteen years old in 2004 and next year I'll be twenty-five.

Call Me Cordelia's Victorian Logo
Wow! I never figured when I started with a free geocities website that it would ever turn into my own domain. I remember all those years I worked on all the free items for my site's visitors. My favorite part of Call Me Cordelia was when the online shop opened. I remember washing antique linens and ironing them. I've still got a few of my favorite linens from over the years. Some of them I just couldn't sell because I didn't want to part with them.

Anyway, I'm going to be blogging less next week. I'm going to be working on Call Me Cordelia. I need check each page and make sure all links still work and we're getting a new header image.

Next year, we've got some celebrating to do. I'll be having a free giveaway on my blog. Details will be coming in 2014! Also I'll let you know when I finish updating the site. If you want to exchange links with my site, just let me know.

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