Saturday, May 4, 2013

Meet My Cat Ferby

ferby graphic


   After my favorite cat died, my soon to be husband, Chris, brought me a little kitten named Ferby on Easter (2012). He looks just like a ball of fur with a large fuzzy tail. Ferby is brown with black stripes, a white neck, and white paws.

   Soon after moving in, Ferby decided to live in the dollhouse. One day he just didn't fit inside of it anymore. We bought him a "ferby house". It looks like a carpeted dog house with a scratching post and a balcony. Ferby just loves to sit on top of the balcony and eat gold fish crackers.

ferby   ferby   ferby
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Meet My Cat Stuart

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   In 2012 my cat Ferby was sitting by the glass front door eating. On the other side of the glass, a very skinny one eyed cat looked inside. He was so sad watching Ferby eat. I took him some food and Chris named him Stuart.

   The vet doesn't know what happened to his eye; but he had surgery to remove a polyp from his ear. Now Stewie has gotten so chubby he's going on a diet! He loves to sleep on the back of the sofa and give Stewie kisses with his wet nose. He enjoys laying in a metal pan that I used to keep potted plants in.

stuart   stuart   stuart
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