Monday, July 8, 2013

How to Promote Your Blog Part 2

Hello ladies,
Today its welcome to Part Two of How to Promote Your Blog: (if you missed part one click here)

11.    Add photo of products to flicker and tag them. Place blog link on each photo.
12.    Add products to Kaboodle. (
13.    Share your blog link through
14.    Add pages to
15.    Create a link exchange with related competitor sites.
16.    Write and submit press releases articles.
17.    Host an online giveaway on your blog of a free product. To enter people must share my post link on their blog, Facebook, Twitter, ect.
18.    Create free banners so people can link back to your blog in various sizes with copy and paste HTML codes for their site.
19.    Create free fun applications that advertise your blog: ex. desktop wallpaper with site URL on it, or banners also with my URL.
20.  Offer freebies with purchases that have your blog link on them.

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